Show Up Unplugged Competition 2

Brought to you by Summit USJ and Precision Network, Show Up Unplugged Competition Season 2 is now open for registration!!

Join us and stand a chance to win cash prizes up to RM27 000 !

If you’re Malaysian,12 years old and above, you can participate yourself or group up!

– Individual  (Perform with non-electrical Instrument )

– Group ( Perform with non-electrical Instrument  )

For more details, please visit:-

website: or

Facebook : Summit USJ  

Hotline : 011-24198624 / 0163720123

Come and showcase your musical talent now!

( * Term & Condition Apply )


由Summit USJ 及 Precision Network 联合主办 的 Show Up Unplugged 歌唱大赛 第2季,即日起开始接受报名啦!

总奖金高达RM27 000等你来赢取!

你只需要是大马公民,年龄介于12岁或以上, 就可以以个人,或组合形式参加 !

– 个人 ( 以自弹自唱的 Unplugged 形式呈现 )

– 组合 (以 Unplugged 形式呈现)


网站: 或 

Facebook : Summit USJ

拨打热线: 011-24198624 / 0163720123 

快点来Show up你的音乐才华!

(* 需符合条规)